While I was on the internet looking through Alternative media sources while writing my paper, I came across this website called “Planet Friendly” and thought it was pretty neat. Basically it promotes awareness to issues such as conserving our environment, “green building”, peace and sustainability, peace and energy, environmental jobs, etc..

The site in itself is  strictly alternative as it runs through donations and is very open to outside participation, and receives thousands of visitors a month.Although  the central focus of the site is to open the public’s  eyes to “going green” and ways to conserve the environment,they also have a focus of bringing attention to alternative media and what it stands for by showing how we as individuals can make a difference.

One section of the site is called “Alternative Voices” and it starts off by quoting/identifying different issues found with mainstream media highlighting problems such as lack of democracy, concentrated ownership, and capitalist perspectives. The site then suggests ways to move away from mainstream media by doing things like paying attention to independent/alternative media, reading mainstream media with skepticism, and getting involved in media activism.

The site also offers a guide to alternative media by suggesting alternative media sources to read, what alternative media includes, radio shows/television stations that are considered media, and how to participate/get involved in your own alternative media project.

I just thought this may be interesting to share as you try to expand your knowledge of what alternative media is/what alternative media sources are around us that we may not have recognized as alternative. It also focuses on alternative media in Ontario so alot of this would apply to us, although they also mention international sources as well.I think this is a great example as not only is it an alternative media site, but it also discusses how to get involved/increase awareness about alternative media in its entirety. Below is the link to the website, enjoy!