XY Online is a website targeted towards the Queer community, mostly men but their content is also inclusive of females as well. The website consists of articles and blog posts and in their “About Us” section XY is described as:

• A forum for debate and discussion, including commentary on contemporary and emerging issues in gender and sexual politics;
• A resource library or clearinghouse for key reports, manuals, and articles;
• A toolkit for activism, personal transformation and social change.

XY was mentioned in the reading I had done for our Carving Out a Space: Queer Alt Media class by Larry Gross. His article emphasized the importance of how the Internet enabled the Queer community to create a supportive non-discriminatory space where individuals could express themselves and communicate with others instead of feelings isolated and vulnerable.

However, unlike repressive alternative media, the Queer community online is non-hierarchal and all-inclusive. Currently on their homepage XY offers a multiplicity of perspectives, article titles include: “Where Our Boys at? A Toolkit for Involving Young Men in Ending Violence against Girls” and “Review of the determinants of men’s intimate partner violence against women and of it’s prevention” Blog posts include: “Is Feminism Men’s Work, Too?” and “WHO Policy Brief: Policy Approaches to Involving Men and Bus in Achieving Gender equality and Health Equity”

The website hosts no advertising and is funded completely by donations. Along with financial assistance they welcome contributions in terms of content as well. It’s not flashy and is pretty low budget but there’s obviously a lot of effort that goes into the pieces not to mention the subject matter that is tackled by the contributors, including violence against women, activism, race & ethnicity, sexuality, and fatherhood among others.