I was doing an assignment for another class about the G20 summit in Toronto and was researching the mainstream news coverage of this event. I went searching for alternative coverage of the same events to compare the content and came across an interesting documentary on a website called sprword.com.

Sprword stands for “spread the word” and the ”about” section of this website states that,

Sprword was started to counter the continuing consolidation of mainstream media and its limited and agenda-based reporting. Sprword.com plans to counter corporate media by providing links to important videos, articles, and websites that reveal what corporate mainstream media refuses to recognize as need-to-know information. Our Mission is to build a brighter future for the entire planet by seeking and spreading truth on a global level. We are confident that with your help, we can push our society back into the right direction. Help spread the word and sprword!

This was an interesting website with a lot of good content but what it made me realize was the importance of getting a variety of perspectives. Getting your information from one source (whether that source be mainstream or alternative) is always problematic.

After watching the documentary from this alternative media webpage and comparing it to the information in the mainstream media I realized how drastically different different views of the same situation can be and that no perspective is necessarily is right. What is important is to hear all sides and see all the information and then to decide on your own what is the right  instead of just taking what you are told from a media source as the truth.

If anyone is interested in watching the documentary about the G20 or checking out sprword.com here is the link!