By Nicolas Mogollon

URBANIZED_4Urban planning is an afterthought for many people living in cities. Whether we have lived in a city for a long time or recently moved in, we rarely consider that there is a structure to the city from the spaces between buildings to the length of the sidewalks. We have failed to realize that every park, every mall, every bus stop is the result of careful planning. The 2011 documentary Urbanized takes a look at urban planning at a international scale. By travelling to different countries, such as Colombia, China, Denmark and U.S.A. we are given a glimpse not only into the various urban landscapes around the globe, but also a picture of what each country values. In some cases public transportation is more important than building parks (Colombia), others prefer beautiful architecture and wide open spaces that make it hell to commute (Brazil), and then there are those who concentrate on sprawls above everything else (North America). With the increasing departure from the rural lands to urban ares, more and more countries are faced with a surplus of people whose needs are no adequately met. Like many documentaries, Urbanized takes a subject that most people would classify as boring or inconsequential, and demonstrates why it is in fact crucial for our daily lives. With it we are able to better comprehend the international urban landscape as well as our local one. At very least we are finally aware of what our respective cities seem to prioritize and are capable of pushing for change if deemed necessary.