This Is Not a Film: A Non-Film Review

By Eva Lajoie Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi gives viewers a look at a day in his personal life under house arrest in his new demonstration; This Is Not A Film (2011). Communicative of his experience with isolation and political repression, Panahi tries to maintain his creativity and self-expression while facing a prison sentence of six-years  more »

Workingman’s Death Film Review

By Sebastian Peris Based on a simple description of the film alone, it is easy to assume there are those who would find little interest in Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger’s documentary Workingman’s Death. A film that takes an observational approach to exploring the conditions of some of the least desirable jobs in the world, without  more »

Luciana Kaplan
Eufrosina’s Revolution – Film Review

By Lucie Gosnet Through her documentary Eufrosina’s revolution, Luciana Kaplan gives us a portrait of a charismatic indigenous woman and her struggle to acquire and use political power in order to help Mexican indigenous communities. In 2007, Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza ran for Mayor of Santa Maria Quiegolani, a Zapotec district of Oaxaca in Mexico. After  more »

Felicia Fiorino Blogpost Parada Review
Parada (2011): A Film Review

By Felicia Fiorino Created by Srdjan Dragojevic and released in 2011, Parada is a Serbian film also known as The Parade, a comedic drama about two homosexual men, Radmilo and his boyfriend Mirko and a straight couple, Limun and his fiancée Biserka. The two couples meet each other by coincidence and later come together in  more »

Paradise Now
Paradise Now: A Micro-Film Review

By Adam Brunetti Paradise Now tells the story of two young Palestinian men who are chosen to perform a suicide bombing in Tel-Aviv. The movie takes place in what would be the last couple of days before their death performing this grim task that has been given to them. Obviously the director, Hany Abu- Assad,  more »

Thalaivaa Blog Post
Thalaivaa: A leader to be born

By Thivyan Murugesu Thalaivaa (Leader-2013) is a film that brings out the idea and thought of being Tamil in different part of the world other than Tamil Nadu India and northern part of Sri Lanka. The film takes place in the slum of Dharavi Bombay, where in the year 1988 there was a riot between the  more »

Workingman’s Death: Exploring the Power of the Image

By Alison Cohen Workingman’s Death (2005) is a beautifully engaging, yet almost silent, documentary by Michael Glawogger that explores the underpaid hard labors that still exist in today’s world. This Austrian-German film is divided into 6 different parts in which Glawogger studies the daily lives of the coal-miners in Ukraine, the Indonesian sulfur-extractors, the Nigerian  more »

The Act of Killing: Compelling How?

By Miia Piironen It’s not often I disagree with the consensus on such a successful and widely acclaimed film, even rarer a documentary. I was entirely aware of what Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing (2013) depicted and I fully expected to appreciate the experience. I did not, and I still feel like a very jaded  more »

Once Upon A Time in Anatolia, écrire avec une caméra

By Fabrice Édouard La Roche-Francoeur Once Upon A Time in Anatolia de Nuri Bilge Ceylan s’ouvre sur les paysages nocturnes et valloneux d’Anatolie alors qu’une enquête est menée pour trouver un cadavre. Le commissaire Naci, le procureur Nusret et le médecin Cemal sont les têtes dirigeantes de cette opération qui semble prendre beaucoup plus de  more »

Micro Film Review of Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (2011)

By Diane Sikora Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (2011) is an aesthetically beautiful piece of work that tells the story of three men, of different professional backgrounds, attempting to do their job and locate a corpse in the dead of night after the suspect confesses to his crime. The plot is simple but it  more »

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