In the mood for love
In the Mood for Wong Kar Wai: In the Mood for Love (2000)

By Shahrazad Azzi Auteur filmmaker Wong Kar Wai directs this “moody” tragedy about unrequited and forbidden love, the second instalment of Kar Wai’s informal trilogy following the critically acclaimed Days of Being Wild(1991) and proceeding 2046 (2004). Set in 1962 in a Shanghalese district in Hong Kong, Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung) and Su Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung) are neighbours who  more »

Yellow Fever and Identity

By Sarah Frankie Burge Yellow Fever is a film created by African director Ng’erido Mukii in 2012. Through memories and interviews, Mukii displays a powerful film that raises issues around the subject of experience and identity, particularly related to African women as well as those who are of African descent. Despite the film’s success within  more »

Interview with Fanta Régina Nacro

As promised, here is the video of the interview with Fanta Régina Nacro, director of La nuit de la vérité/The Night of Truth (2004) and interviewed by Tribeca Film Festival’s Peter Scarlet. Enjoy.

The Edge of Heaven: A New Type of Transnational Film

By Esmé Tierney  The Edge of Heaven, a German-Turkish film, follows the story of Nejat, a German literature professor, whose father, originally from Turkey, decides to marry a middle-aged prostitute, Yeter. Nejat is at first hesitant regarding this marriage, yet warms up later about his father’s new wife when he finds out about her daughter still  more »

Parada, XXY, Festivals and Social Agendas

By Drew Picklyk Having recently watched both the Serbian film Parada (2011) and the Argentinian XXY (2007) in my global film industries class, I’ve gotten to thinking about the role the film festival circuit can play in promoting social agendas. Both films are politically minded in the sense that they seek to portray the various  more »

XXY : Une complexité naturelle

By Mariane Laporte XXY a représenté l’Argentine aux Oscars en 2007. Réalisé par Lucía Puenzo et inspiré de la nouvelle Cinismo de Sergio Bizzio, le film a comme protagoniste Alex, une adolescente de quinze ans à la fois fragile et sauvage. Sa condition physique, en marge de la normalité, trouble ses parents qui souhaitent la  more »

Parada de Dragojevic, un film hollywoodien

By Thomas Sédillot Le film Parada (2011), du directeur Srdjan Dragojevic, est un film très divertissant aux allures d’Hollywood. Il est facile de dire que ce film à tout ce qu’il faut afin de devenir un grand succès américain. La comédie est au rendez-vous ainsi que l’action, les moments de romances et les moments forts en  more »

The Pick-Up Artist: A playful short

By Craig Spence The Pick-Up Artist is a 2006 German short film about a man, an attempted one night stand, a woman and her daughter. The short was Steffen Weinert’s second attempt behind the camera as a director and was seemingly quite successful on festival circuit. According to the film’s website (, where the film  more »

PARADA: A comedy demanding CHANGE

By David Mugglebee Parada, or The Parade (2011) directed by Srdjan Dragojevic tells the story of the unlikely alliance between Lemon (Nikola Kojo) and Radmilo (Milos Samolo). Along the way, their mission is the same: insuring the safety of all men and women unifying to parade for gay rights and equality in the dangerous streets  more »

Dragojevic’s Parada

By Emanuelle Ranger Lemire For a film dealing with such a difficult subject as homophobia in a highly conservative Serbia, Srdjan Dragojevic’s Parada / The Parade (2011) succeeds in giving us the best of both worlds: An entertaining comedy as well as a film depicting a struggle regarding human rights. Although this film portrays both homosexuals and heterosexuals in  more »

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