The Internet and User-Generated Content: The Future of News Media?

Saying that the internet has revolutionized the ways in which information is produced, shared and consumed is an understatement. The internet is argued by many scholars and academics (Kenix, 2011; Atton & Hamilton, 2008; Burke, 2006), as one of the key factors in the shift in the media organizations. In their book Alternative Journalism, Atton  more »

digital divide
Digital Inequality: The New “Digital Divide”

  With ICTs (information and communication technologies), such as the Internet, becoming more prevalent and necessary in our world today, the consequence is inevitably a gap between what scholars have called  “havs” and the “havnots”. In the chapter The Digital Reproduction of Inequality, from the book “Social Stratification”, the author Eszter Hargittai argues that this  more »

Fight For Your Right

Dissident Voice, also known as DV, is an internet newsletter that devotes his time to challenging the perceptions on that mainstream media holds over the more prominent and “privileged class it serves.” ( It tackles issues dealing with culture and politics; however its main goal is to address issues of social justice and struggles for  more »

Fair Fares: Net Neutrality

Four cars travel down the highway, a red one, a blue one, a green one, and a white one. Each car is travelling at about the same speed, heading in the same direction. The green car gets pulled over and the driver is told the maximum speed she is allowed to travel is 50 km/hr,  more »

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