Climate Change and its success in the mainstream

Alternative Media has served as a platform for change for many social movements across the globe. Recently we have seen the ‘Idle No More’ movement depicted throughout numerous alternative media outlets as well as mainstream media. The continuation of the movement can be attributed largely in part to alternative media and its ability to mobilize  more »

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The Leveller: Mobilizing Social Movements Through Alt Media

Highlighting Social Movements in Alt. Media Sources: In order to advance the ideas presented by a particular social movement, the respective organizers must develop a strong dependency on media sources to disseminate their platform to the public. This relationship between social movements and the media can best be described as a “competitive symbiosis”1, where social  more »

Ms. Magazine Winter 2013 Issue
“More Than a Magazine – A Movement!”

Ms. was the first national magazine to make feminist voices audible, feminist journalism tenable, and a feminist worldview available to the public. – Ms. Magazine Ms. is a pioneer in feminist news media. It was the first U.S. periodical to demand the repeal of laws that criminalized abortion, the first to rate U.S. presidential candidates  more »

Is Independent Journalism Discrediting Alternative Media? is the self-proclaimed best alternative news source in the United States. I happened to stumble upon through a list of various alternative new sources, the list identifying Rense as the favourite – I was intrigued. The site is owned and operated by Jeff Rense, an American conspiracy theorist who is not shy to  more »

sphere and speech
Internet sphere– online activists and progressive democratization

Today every corner of the digital universe has its own interest group, people from different nations  and backgrounds are able to express their opinions on one universal platform. The global internet, then, is creating the base for international dialogues on latest issues, evolving to exhibit new dynamics in civic engagement and social movement. With the Web 2.0  more »


Sports Journalism websites such as, yahoo sports, and are well known mainstream websites. They cover, or claim to, all and everything in the sports world from summing up the games to giving in depth analysis on team’s seasons. The mainstream websites will also try and be the first to cover and provide news  more »

Justice for all….minus Aboriginals.

Social relations occupy our entire world and social divisions play a strong role in how we make sense of ourselves and of others around us. Despite any organization being deemed “alternative”, it is difficult, if not impossible, to truly challenge the power relations that constitute the “social” as we know it.   In Alternative Media  more »

ICT’s and Social Inequalities

Inequalities exist everywhere, whether it is engendered by a person’s race, level of education, social status or physical appearance. Consequently, It is no surprise to find out that there are also differences between the different groups and their access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In her text entitled The Digital Reproduction of Inequality, Eszter  more »

APTN: Alternative Media or Corporate Subsidiary in Disguise?

Aboriginal people, among other ethnic minorities, struggle to be accurately represented in mainstream media. Avison and Meadows (2000) stated that Aboriginal people have continued to seek access to media created for and directed to them for political, educational and cultural reasons. Many times Aboriginal communities are eager to incorporate ethnic media due, as they can  more »

The Struggle for Alternative Media

In the ongoing civil unrest in Bahrain, protesters continue to take to the streets in hopes of attaining justice. As the tension between the Bahraini Royal family and the protesters continues to intensify, hopes for a revolution no longer appear promising. While much of the protest encompasses staggering human rights violations against the country’s Shia’a  more »

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