Social Media for a Socially Conscious World

Social media sites have quickly become a popular area for people to create, share, and exchange information and ideas. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have gained over one billion users and serve as one of the most visited sites on the web worldwide. Although it seems our only options are writing on a wall,  more »

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Good News Network : “News To Enthuse”

The issue of violence in media has been a hot topic among scholars, academics, politicians and policy makers for quite a while. Many of which focus on the potential effects such representations may have on both individuals and society has a whole. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Violence in media has its roots  more »

Game, Set, Review!

To review a video game is to give details on the games game play, visuals and graphics, as well as story arcs. And who makes the best game reviewers? Gamers themselves; GamerLiving is a form of alternative media that provides their consumers with “honesty and integrity by providing unbiased news and reviews.” GamerLiving . GamerLiving  more »

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Independent Documentary Film The Pirate Bay: Away From Key Board

The Pirate Bay: Away From Key Board is an independent documentary film following the criminal prosecution, yet seemingly political persecution of The Pirate Bay co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde for the crime of ‘advancing technology’. The BitTorrent download site has become the world’s largest file sharing location since the mid-2000s.  There  more »

Do Alternative Media have to be Small?

Alternative media runs on an entirely different economic framework than mass media. The goal of mass media is to turn the biggest profit possible. Thus, larger audiences are quite often the goal, as larger audiences mean greater subscription rates and/or larger advertising revenues.  Alternative media are largely not concerned about profit, as long as the revenue  more »

rabble-ca “News for the rest of us” is a Canadian online alternative news source that displays the work of progressive writers, journalists, and activists on a number of issues and topics in Canada and the World. According to the about page of the website their mission is to “draw on the real energy and power of the Internet – passionate, engaged human beings.  more »

The House I Live In
Alt. Documentary Media: An Analysis of “The House I Live In”

As a deeply personal and provoking documentary, Eugene Jarecki’s The House I Live In critically explores the roles that government actors, political legislation, race, and class play in the construction of “The War on Drugs”. Proposed in 1971 by President Richard Nixon, The War on Drugs was designed to address the illicit drug industry as  more »

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Indie Culture: A Contradicting Alternative?

In discussing indie culture, or indie media specifically, a few words come to mind: artsy, authentic, modest, real, low-budget, and cheap, but not all of these terms ring true to what indie culture perpetuates. Indie, by definition, entails self-employment or self-ownership and that is entirely what indie media prides itself on – autonomy. The ability  more »

Independent Cinema and Its Historical Importance

Independent cinema produces films with high professionalism but usually outside major film studios. In Newman’s journal Indie is introduced as an alternative of corporate Hollywood  by locating the American indie film in the historical context of the “Sundance-Miramax” era (Newman, 2009). Newman draws his analysis on two typical Indie productions like Happiness directed by Todd Solondz  more »

The premier issue of Desi Life, owned by Torstar Corporation. Desi Life ceased publishing in 2009.
Categorizing Ethnic Media: “Are Ethnic Media Alternative?”

By using familiar language, cultural cues, and covering news relevant to the homeland that would otherwise not be discussed in the mainstream media, ethnic media exist to fulfil the niche market of diasporic and migrant groups (Karim, 2012, p. 165). If ethnic media coverage portrays an alternate view of the news with a scope that  more »

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