Has AltPress become too commercial to still be considered alternative?

Alternative music started as a type of music that was underground and not well known, it was an alternative for people that couldn’t relate to the commercial music that is played in mainstream media everywhere. The idea was to also share the music with your friends, creating a community filled with people who had the  more »

Democracy Now – Alt news radio at its best

The above clip (after the jump) is the segment of news headlines from Democracy Now: The War and Peace Report’s January 4th, 2013. I’ve chosen this clip because it illustrates many of the qualities championed by alternative media (and alt journalism in particular) – with a focus on diversity, and levels of oppression and resistance.

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Read All About It! Megaphone Magazine in Vancouver

There is not much when it comes to finding a proper definition of a “street paper”, but they are newspapers with typically lower commercial and production values than a commercial or mainstream newspaper. Though it is quite difficult to count homeless people within any given area, the 2011 Homeless Count for the city of Vancouver  more »

IDLE NO MORE: An Alternative Movement in the Mainstream

What began as a way of voicing a growing displeasure over actions of the Canadian government, Idle No More has grown into a nationwide political movement that shows little sign of slowing down. Idle No More gained steam at the beginning of December, 2012 when four Canadian women took to social media sites Facebook and  more »

Alternative media: creating alternative public spheres or just filling the digital space?

Alternative Media (AM) with the advent of new technologies is far easier to both produce and access. It sets out with the purpose of not only opposing the mainstream media but also creating alternative platforms for individuals to discuss their beliefs and views on a topic. Even though AM does not necessarily intersect daily with the  more »

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‘Stimulate, Inform, and Instigate’ – AlterNet Takes the Cake

               When it comes to popular alternative media sources, it can be common place for a degree of vagueness and obscurity to overwhelm content in an attempt to adhere to its non commercialized structure. Sources such as The Onion and The Walrus, use tactics such as satire and conglomeration  more »

Is it really “Ottawa’s Alternative Rock”?

Since being founded in 2005, the radio station Live 88.5FM has boasted being the station for alternative rock in Ottawa. Yes, their music is different than the pop and, as of late, rather dance/trance genres of music played on popular stations such as Hot 89.9FM or 105.3 KISS FM, is the station truly an alternative  more »

The Failures of Technological Advances: Disability Access to Feminist Media

Much in part to the ever-evolving cyber-age we live in, the issue of “access” to various medium in society has been a huge challenge for producers to adapt to and overcome. Due to the many channels that deliver messages over the internet and the major competition mainstream media presents with its popularity, alternative media sources  more »