Marriage Equality Movement Doesn’t Need Fox News… Yet.

The marriage equality movement in the United States is a branch of the gay and lesbian rights movement that saw its foundations beginning in as early as 1951 with the creation of the Mattachine Society by Henry Hay – the first human rights group dedicated to gay and lesbian issues. Since then, organizations like the  more »

“If You Can Play, You Can Play”

LGBT athletes often face much greater hurdles in the world of sports in comparison to straight athletes. If one was to look at the major professional leagues around the world they will see that there are little to no openly gay athletes competing in any of these high level leagues. Even in junior or developmental  more »

G8 G20 Protest 20100626
The Black Bloc: G20 Folk Devils

On June 26 to 27, 2010, devils were out on the streets of Toronto. During these two days, political elites from around the world met for the G20 summit to discuss the condition of the global financial system and the world economy. Protests began a week ahead of the summit, during which groups protested a  more »

Open Dialogue & The It Gets Better Project

The It Gets Better project is a social movement organization that works within the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) movement in America.  The organization emphasizes open dialogue and awareness, in order to show those who suffer abuse because of their sexual orientation, that there are ways to live happily and embrace whom they are.  The  more »

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“No One is Illegal?” Pro-immigration organization creates awkward tension on Byline

“I’m white, you’re black. Should you and I go back to wherever our homeland is and just leave this place to the Native population?” - comment made by newscaster Brian Lilley of Byline No One is Illegal is a Toronto-based campaign that branches out from the human rights and anti-racism movements- the campaign believes that immigration  more »

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Big Life Looking at the Big Picture

   “At the current rate, there will be no elephants or lions left in the African wilds within 15 years”   In the middle of 2010, Nick Brandt began the foundation Big Life.  Big Life is a social movement seeking to preserve wildlife, and end serious crimes against wildlife across East Africa – with hopes  more »

Mozambique’s loss is the media’s gain

The mainstream media often portrays social movements and protesters negatively, selectively reporting on only a fraction of the full story.  As Sampedro sees it, this is caused by elitist media views that write for the interests of corporatism and shareholders rather than writing for the pure attempt at mobilising a marginalized group whose views go against  more »

ireland protest
Putting A Face To The Abortion Debate In Ireland

Savita Halappanavar, an Indian woman living in Ireland died last month of septicemia (blood poisoning) after doctors refused to terminate her pregnancy. She requested a termination because her doctors had informed her that the baby would not survive. Halappanavar’s request was refused because a fetal heartbeat was still present and they would not terminate it  more »

RIP Ecology
The BP Bitchslap: DeepPocket Horizon

On November 14, 2012, oil giant British Petroleum was assessed a $4.5B criminal fine for the largest and worst environmental disaster in the history of the petroleum industry, and arguably one of the biggest disasters in world history. The initial explosion of the off-shore drilling rig in 2010 not only killed 11 crew members aboard  more »

Homeland and Anti-Arabism – What land is being depicted?

The TV series, Homeland, has raised many questions recently throughout societies, but mainly in the Arab nation. Homeland is a new American television series that is about a Marine Sergeant that returns back to the States after going missing in Iraq for eight years. A CIA officer believes that the Sergeant is plotting an attack  more »

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