Mother Jones on the Tea Party: Check your history

A Mother Jones Magazine article from 2010 argues that the Tea Party social movement is another reactionary group organized in response to a democrat taking the president’s office in the US. The article looks back over history at other similar right-wing groups and shows that the Tea Party is not a new phenomenon, but really  more »

The Tea Party in Four Minutes

Slate magazine’s nifty four-minute history of the Tea Party, circa 2010, packs a punch (after the jump).

The Tea Party Movie

Yes they have their own documentary too! Since we’ll be discussing the Tea Party this week in class, I thought I’d share the trailer (after the jump) with you for this 2010 doc on the US social movement that has turned out to be driving the biggest political upset in decades. More about the film  more »

10 Tactics for turning information into action

Check out this great 56-minute video (after the jump) from the folks at Tactical Technology Collective. It focuses on the majority world (the global south) and the ways in which activists and social movements creatively deploy information through technology in order to effect change. More here.

The Occupy Movement & Social Media

This isn’t the best-written little article at Participedia, but it does explore some basics of using social media as an organizing tool, specifically within the Occupy Movement. Further, below the short article are many great resource links. Check it out here.

Remaking the Commons

The new special issue of Reviews in Cultural Theory has an article entitled The Common in the Crowd (by Cayley Sorochan) that looks at “vote mobs” from the 2012 federal election in Canada. The piece is short and provides some points that are of interest to work on social movements and media. You can check  more »