StormFront – White Pride Forum

StormFront describes themselves as a ”community of White Nationalists” who promote their own interests, values and heritages as White people. While I do not agree with the promotion of any single race as better or supreme to any other, the forum falls under the criteria and definition of Alternative media. The forum acts as a two  more »

Other Alt Choices?

Before taking this class (to be honest, quite by accident – I had no idea what the course would turn out to be when I signed up for a special topics in communication course sometime in July) I had never intentionally considered where my news comes from. I mean, I had to a small extent.  more »

Media Control and Top-Down Organizations

As talked about in class a few weeks ago now, mainstream/corporate media follows a top down organizational method. Corporate, mainstream media is more private in terms of how it’s organized, there are a few, elite decision makers at the top that make all decisions regarding their companies. These days, there are a couple “power houses”  more »

The Coca Cola Case

I was not able to find the whole version of the film The Coca Cola Case yet, but after watching a couple interviews with the directors and reading about it on the National Film Board of Canada website, I am quite eager to see it. This is a perfect example of top down organizations where those on  more »

Possible Alternative Media Sources

Although I don’t know the legitimacy of this website (independentmedia.ca), it lists a bunch of independent media outlets for people looking to see past the mainstream. For people like me who don’t know where to find alternative media this might help!  

Glee TV

Alternative television programs do not seem easy to find on regular cable, especially for Canadian audiences. Other than Degrassi and Corner Gas I do not know of any Canadian television shows that have become even remotely successful. Corner Gas plays on a lot of Canadian stereotypes that in my opinion actually makes Canadian’s look worse,  more »

The ByTowne Cinema

The ByTowne theatre in Ottawa is one of the few theatres I know of that plays alternative movies, whether these alternative movies consist of Canadian, international or independent. Their slogan is “Ottawa’s home of international and independent movies since 1988.” Although they were once owned by Famous Players, since then they have recreated themselves and  more »

Sundance Institution

As quoted on their website Sundance Institution is “a nonprofit organization that actively advances the work of risk-taking storytellers worldwide.” The “About” section of this webpage states that “Sundance Institute has always provided a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures. By providing year-round creative and financial support  more »

Masquerading (Poorly) as Alternative

Ezra has repeatedly mentioned the Huffington Post in class as a poor example of alternative media. It seems people who don’t really understand what the term “alternative media” means point to HuffPo as alternative because it’s different than what they normally get their news from, despite its lack of real adherence to alternative media values  more »

Planet Friendy: A Guide to Alternative Media

While I was on the internet looking through Alternative media sources while writing my paper, I came across this website called “Planet Friendly” and thought it was pretty neat. Basically it promotes awareness to issues such as conserving our environment, “green building”, peace and sustainability, peace and energy, environmental jobs, etc.. The site in itself  more »

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