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An Odd Example of Alternative Media

For my last post on this particular blog, I feel as though it is fit to add an obscure, yet interesting example of media; an example which could be arguably viewed as alternative. The example comes from the country of Trinidad & Tobago, a country of which I am a citizen. The crime situation there  more »

Alternative media making

This post is regarding the video activist group Undercurrents. According to their website: Undercurrents is an award winning video production company producing environmental and social justice videos. We are a charity working with communities who have been marginalized or ignored by mainstream broadcasters. They produce alternative news videos and documentaries on social justice. Supported by  more »

Counter-Productive Media?

In looking at some of the activity on online blogs and social media websites, one cannot help but wonder if all of the content which makes an effort to challenge dominant social hierarchies is worthwhile and should be labelled as alternative. Certainly, there is a wealth of content which discredits social media simply by being  more »


Shameless is a Canadian magazine targeted towards girls and trans youth. Created in 2004, it is an independent grassroots magazine run by a volunteer staff and filled with content guided by a teen advisory board, including articles on politics, health and sexuality, DIY projects, current social and oppressive issues, and profiles the stories of inspiring  more »

“It’s Time”

This post relates back to Week 8, when we discussed Queer Alt Media, however after recently watching this video, I thought I should share it. The video is part of an awareness campaign to end marriage discrimination in Australia, where same-sex marriage is not permitted.  The video was created by an Australian independent grassroots advocacy organization called GetUp!, who is focused on giving Australians  more »

Teen alternative media

Teen Voices is a teen magazine targeted at teen girls who are otherwise bombarded with mainstream media full of stereotyping, gender creation, and advertising. The magazine claims it is the ONLY alternative print magazine in the US by and for teen girls. It with issues from racism, sexism, elitism, hunger, violence, and depression, to sexually transmitted  more »

Help-Portrait and Alternative Art

Help Portrait is a photography movement with the goal of getting any and every sort of photographer involved in capturing pictures of average people, neighbours,  and the less fortunate. The idea is generally to get average people to help and give back to other average people by taking their portrait. The professional photography industry is using their  more »

Arctic Winter Games…

The photo at the right (after the jump) is of a man performing a ‘one hand reach’, which is a sport at the Arctic Winter Games. From the AWG site: The One-Hand Reach is probably the closest sport to a mind game and requires a tremendous amount of mental focus and preparation. Even the slightest  more »

Stereotyping of Women in Mainstream Media

I was watching some YouTube videos and came across this one which addresses, as the title states, “Gender Stereotyping of Women in the Media”. I thought this adds to the discussion of how powerful mainstream media is when forming stereotypes towards a particular group. We previously focussed on how this has impacted Native groups, however  more »

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