‘Milky Way’

This…is my first blog post. So lets see how this goes. I did my reading analysis for last week’s Newman article on alternative & indie cinema.  I actually found the article really interesting. He made a lot of interesting points and kept my attention throughout the article using examples I was familiar with. He discussed  more »

You Won’t Miss Me (Film)

This is a trailer for an independent film called ‘You Won’t Miss Me’, although it could also be seen as a ‘personal’ film, when we’re talking about the types of alternative cinema. This film has a very definite point of view, as it centers around a young woman named Shelly Brown, who, according to the  more »

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This is the trailer for Banksy’s film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, which takes a look at street art and graffiti as a form of alternative media. It is actually a film seen through the eyes of a man named Thierry Guetta, who never went anywhere with his hand held video camera, thus allowing him  more »

The Sleepless Goat Cafe

Last week, we had Tim McSorley in discussing his media co-op online, and it made me think of a restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, that I have been to on more than a few occasions, known as the Sleepless Goat Cafe Worker’s Co-Operative. Right of the bat, it’s obvious that this isn’t your typical restaurant. The  more »

Alternative Cinema and Spoofs?

All right, so we just had a class about alternative cinema and alternative art, and our discussion reminded me of a hilarious video I saw a little while ago that uses all the conventions of the big Hollywood studio film and subverts it, in a mocking and hilarious way. Unlike the franchise of  ”Scary Movie”,  more »

“Yarn Bombing”

I have totally seen this both around campus and Ottawa. I had no idea what it was though. It makes me what to learn to knit. “Yarn Bombing” or “Yarn Graffiti” is a type of removable graffiti that is meant to express comfort in a city environment or it is also used as a form  more »

FOUND Magazine – Alternative Media Art Project

FOUND Magazine collects notes, birthday cards, to-do lists, poetry, doodles on napkins and almost any other little piece of memorabilia that can provide a glimpse into people’s lives. It started when Davy Rothbart, the creator of FOUND, went outside to his car in Chicago and found a note on the windshield (see and click the  more »

Popular Media Content

Upon reading Rajgopal’s article this week, in which she heavily references popular and critically acclaimed 2002 film Bend it Like Beckham, the film stood out to me as one of the few popular films which depict an often poorly represented/not represented group ( in this case South Asian women, albeit British South Asian women) with  more »

Banksy, Alternative Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti art has often been described as street art, and are often thought as an illegal act of vandalism rather than art pieces that should be admired and valued. banksy is an incredible street artist who specializes in stencil graffiti. His pieces are often done in spray paint, and the context of his pieces are generally  more »

Vancouver Media Coop video report on Occupy actions in Vancouver

Watching the above report we can see how alternative media makers frame issues differently than the corporate and state mainstream media – activism is valorized, there is no pretence of objectivity, and the media supports the social movement. You can read the story and more about the Occupy Canada actions at the Dominion and Media  more »

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