The Failures of Technological Advances: Disability Access to Feminist Media

Much in part to the ever-evolving cyber-age we live in, the issue of “access” to various medium in society has been a huge challenge for producers to adapt to and overcome. Due to the many channels that deliver messages over the internet and the major competition mainstream media presents with its popularity, alternative media sources  more »

covenant house - sad girl
Privileged vs. Underprivileged – Who Does the Corporate Media Care About?

    Youth and homelessness – two words that describe the thousands who are affected by social, economic and a variety of other issues in Canada, resulting in fending for themselves. The social movement of youth homelessness seeks to raise awareness, eliminate poverty, abuse, and homelessness of a younger generation that often has nowhere to turn  more »

Half the Sky: The Uses of Transmedia Storytelling in a Transnational Movement

A social movement organisation in which seeks to end the oppression of woman and girls across the world the Half the Sky Movement is a bold accomplishment in terms of what can be accomplished through the power of transmedia storytelling, a term which refers to stories that unfold across multiple media platforms, in order to  more »

Walking, Walking, Walking… But Why Isn’t Anyone Watching?

There are branches of social movements that receive less attention than others due to multiple factors within the media. The movements of feminism and Indigenous women’s rights are often muffled. These encompass core issues regarding the chilling accounts of Robert Pickton’s murders and are the leading values behind an organization entitled Walk4Justice based out of  more »

Food Not Bombs: A Different Approach to Collective Action

Food Not Bombs is a movement that actively uses online resources to disseminate their message and produce social movement media.  The group can be described through three principles which include veganism, non-violence, and consensus decision-making.  The movement takes a variety of actions in supporting these principles, the main of which is serving vegetarian and vegan food to homeless  more »


Shameless is a Canadian magazine targeted towards girls and trans youth. Created in 2004, it is an independent grassroots magazine run by a volunteer staff and filled with content guided by a teen advisory board, including articles on politics, health and sexuality, DIY projects, current social and oppressive issues, and profiles the stories of inspiring  more »

Teen alternative media

Teen Voices is a teen magazine targeted at teen girls who are otherwise bombarded with mainstream media full of stereotyping, gender creation, and advertising. The magazine claims it is the ONLY alternative print magazine in the US by and for teen girls. It with issues from racism, sexism, elitism, hunger, violence, and depression, to sexually transmitted  more »

The Sleepless Goat Cafe

Last week, we had Tim McSorley in discussing his media co-op online, and it made me think of a restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, that I have been to on more than a few occasions, known as the Sleepless Goat Cafe Worker’s Co-Operative. Right of the bat, it’s obvious that this isn’t your typical restaurant. The  more »

Alternative Media & the Politics of Resistance

In this article, written by Mojca Pajnik and John D. H. Downing, the authors put forth the argument that while the Internet has given birth to relaitvely new communication models often used in alternative media (one-to-many, some-to-many, some-to-some) by pundits and anti-consumerists, the yearning to go against mainstream and mass media is an age old one. Drawing  more »

Reclaiming the Media – free book download

The 2007 book Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles is available as free chapter PDF downloads on publisher intellect’s site. Edited by Bart Cammaerts and Nico Carpentier, the 300-page book “aims to look at four thematic areas that structure the opportunities for democratising (media) democracy. A first section is devoted to citizenship  more »