Alternative / Independent Media: The answer to democratic decay or just some more voices in the crowd?

In a world filled with media alternatives the choice of alternative / independent media (AIM) is so wide-ranging as to be overwhelming.  From magazines to newsletters to websites to TV and radio, one could spend weeks glued to a computer screen reading, watching and listening to all the alternative voices speaking about all the issues  more »

Occupy. Resist. Produce. Reviewing the Success of Argentina’s Recovered Factories Movement

For Argentina, the end of 2001 will be remembered as one of the worst periods of personal, economic and political crisis that the country has experienced in recent history. Argentina’s declining GDP, lack of governmental authority, and the devaluation of the Argentine peso lead to many companies shutting down factories across the nation. Many Argentines  more »

Occupy Oakland - poster
Occupy Oakland: Livestreaming in 3… 2… 1.

Occupy Wall Street is a well publicized social movement, both through mainstream and corporate media as well as through alternative media. Protesters are able to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on various webpages they set up themselves, creating video feeds, information pages, and forums for discussion. What is most interesting about how the protesters  more »

#OWS uses #Resource Mobilization

Every social movement needs support in order for it to sustain itself. Often, that support comes in the form of resources. As Eltantawy and Wiest (2011) suggest, resource mobilization and a movement’s ability to use them is essential for the success of a movement. Examples of resources include money, time, organizational skills, and opportunities. The  more »

PGA Logo
Anti-Globalization Movement Connected Through the Click of a Button

Diffusion of ideas and thoughts can happen in many different forms through different media.  As the Internet has increased in popularity as a medium to share and diffuse, ideas are able to cross geographic borders and vast amounts of distance much faster than ever before. In regards to social movements, it is now possible to  more »

POSCO and India – Multinationalism, Capitalism and People

Multinationalism and globalisation is par for the course in the business landscape of today. Corporations will look across boarders for the resources that they need, setting up in foreign countries to enhance their profitability. The governments of these countries frequently see the benefits of allowing these corporations to operate within their borders, and allow them  more »

The 9/11 Truth Movement: “Conspiracy Buffs” or Concerned Citizens?

The 9/11 Truth movement is currently one of the most controversial social movement organizations in America. This is due to the fact that the movement’s mission conflicts with mainstream perceptions of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  The mission of the organization as outlined on their official website, is to expose the cover-up of the truth of the attacks, provide education  more »

The Power of Alternative Media

[youtube=] In one of the first weeks of class we watched a documentary about Radio Okapi; a radio station operating out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Part of our discussion was focused on the idea that it was an alternative form of media as it was considered to be independently operated, with its purpose  more »

Globalization and the Media

Heavy on the Voice of God narration, this UK TV doc is a little tepid, but does introduce some of the issues around corporate media, alt media and globalization.