The Internet and User-Generated Content: The Future of News Media?

Saying that the internet has revolutionized the ways in which information is produced, shared and consumed is an understatement. The internet is argued by many scholars and academics (Kenix, 2011; Atton & Hamilton, 2008; Burke, 2006), as one of the key factors in the shift in the media organizations. In their book Alternative Journalism, Atton  more »

RINF Alternative Breaking News is an alternative media site that prides itself on activism in response to governmental, corporate, and media controls, misrepresentation, and lies. RINF uses various platforms for informing people about their news including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, and RSS feeds which are all accessible through the website. Breaking news and free videos are available  more »

Climate Change and its success in the mainstream

Alternative Media has served as a platform for change for many social movements across the globe. Recently we have seen the ‘Idle No More’ movement depicted throughout numerous alternative media outlets as well as mainstream media. The continuation of the movement can be attributed largely in part to alternative media and its ability to mobilize  more »

Is Independent Journalism Discrediting Alternative Media? is the self-proclaimed best alternative news source in the United States. I happened to stumble upon through a list of various alternative new sources, the list identifying Rense as the favourite – I was intrigued. The site is owned and operated by Jeff Rense, an American conspiracy theorist who is not shy to  more »


Sports Journalism websites such as, yahoo sports, and are well known mainstream websites. They cover, or claim to, all and everything in the sports world from summing up the games to giving in depth analysis on team’s seasons. The mainstream websites will also try and be the first to cover and provide news  more »

The Village Voice Logo
Village Voice: Proof of Alternative Journalism Success

Village Voice, one of the most respected and well known alternative news outlets, has maintained a significant presence in the US online news industry as an alternative to the mainstream since the mid-1950s. Michael Albert discusses that an truly alternative organization must hold “a coherent set of goals and evaluative norms—not so restrictive as to  more »

Retrieved from The Media Co-op
Alternative Media Hot Seat: The Dominion and Media Co-op

It is often refreshing to come across uniquely and freely structured media organizations that exist in the shadows of major media institutions. This is particularly true when we consider the proliferation of content production on the internet diligently working to cast light on the areas the majors won’t dare to go. Certainly, the affordances provided  more »

Alternative Aids Media – ‘Testing the Limits of Production and Process’

Alexandra Juhasz’s “So Many Alternatives – The Alternative Aids Video Movement” chronicles the work and brief history of the New York aids video community from 1987 onwards. She identifies various groups including, Testing the Limits, comprised of members of ACT UP (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power) and advocates for Aids, homophobia and gay rights in the NY community. Juhasz documents further  more »

Care2 Carve Out A Space For Action: A Main Stream for Alternative Media

So you want to get involved? Knowing where to start is the first step towards taking action making a difference inside and out of your community. Now where is the best starting point? Well, Care2 is the perfect place to start for internet-savvy individuals with a need for philanthropic action.  Care2 is a mainstream website which represents  more »

Alternative vs. Mainstream production: AIDS video movement

Activists rely on alternative media forms because they allow their producers to freely document social issues independently with whatever medium they choose without the restraints mainstream media institutions put upon them in order for their content to be aired or published. Although this arrangement sounds ideal for independent producers, their desire to reach a mass  more »

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