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Indie Culture: A Contradicting Alternative?

In discussing indie culture, or indie media specifically, a few words come to mind: artsy, authentic, modest, real, low-budget, and cheap, but not all of these terms ring true to what indie culture perpetuates. Indie, by definition, entails self-employment or self-ownership and that is entirely what indie media prides itself on – autonomy. The ability  more »

Is it really “Ottawa’s Alternative Rock”?

Since being founded in 2005, the radio station Live 88.5FM has boasted being the station for alternative rock in Ottawa. Yes, their music is different than the pop and, as of late, rather dance/trance genres of music played on popular stations such as Hot 89.9FM or 105.3 KISS FM, is the station truly an alternative  more »

Use of Alternative Performance Media in Social Movements

This past class we were  talking about alternative media as part of a social movement. We got to this point when we were discussing the use of media in social movements, and how media has had a central role in advocacy efforts for all different issues in society. This was mentioned in the reading I  more »