Game, Set, Review!

To review a video game is to give details on the games game play, visuals and graphics, as well as story arcs. And who makes the best game reviewers? Gamers themselves; GamerLiving is a form of alternative media that provides their consumers with “honesty and integrity by providing unbiased news and reviews.” GamerLiving . GamerLiving  more »

covenant house - sad girl
Privileged vs. Underprivileged – Who Does the Corporate Media Care About?

    Youth and homelessness – two words that describe the thousands who are affected by social, economic and a variety of other issues in Canada, resulting in fending for themselves. The social movement of youth homelessness seeks to raise awareness, eliminate poverty, abuse, and homelessness of a younger generation that often has nowhere to turn  more »

Diva TV
Diva TV: Fighting Mainstream Media

In the Late 1980s and early 1990s in response to the AIDS epidemic, a New York activist group emerged called ACT UP. The group was an AIDS coalition to unleash power and raise awareness about the government’s lack of treatment and funding for those who had AIDS. A major piece of social movement media that  more »

Bulldozing Bullies: Framing Used to Generate Support

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of 10 and 24 (Canadian Mental Health Association . This staggering statistic has reportedly been growing in the last few years with much emphasis created in the media through news reporting, social media pages outlets, television shows and films. The leading  more »

Teen alternative media

Teen Voices is a teen magazine targeted at teen girls who are otherwise bombarded with mainstream media full of stereotyping, gender creation, and advertising. The magazine claims it is the ONLY alternative print magazine in the US by and for teen girls. It with issues from racism, sexism, elitism, hunger, violence, and depression, to sexually transmitted  more »