Dull no More, A Film Review of Urbanized

By Nicolas Mogollon Urban planning is an afterthought for many people living in cities. Whether we have lived in a city for a long time or recently moved in, we rarely consider that there is a structure to the city from the spaces between buildings to the length of the sidewalks. We have failed to  more »

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A Micro-Film Review: The Act of Killing

By Ghersom Faget In this 2012 Joshua Oppenheimer production, self glorification reigns, until eventually the presumed king gets uncrowned by his own game. We are taken through the reminiscence of death squad killings performed and led by notorious Anwar Congo. Oppenheimer is invited to film the re-enactment of the 1965 mass murders conducted by Anwar. We  more »

The Act of Killing Review

  By Bruno Palacios The Act of Killing (2012), directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, is a documentary that most likely will shock anyone who sees it. Dealing mainly with the ex-assassin Anwar Congo, the film portrays the controversial past of Indonesia regarding condoned assassinations of marginalized people (communists and Chinese people among others) during a previous dictatorship.  more »

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Señorita Extraviada – Film Review

By Anna Spieser Lourdes Portillo’s 2001 documentary, Señorita Extraviada (Missing Young Woman), investigates the epidemic of disappeared young women in Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican town whose location on the US border makes it a strategic economic centre. As such, the town is a hub for narcotraffickers and American companies alike and has turned into a  more »

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Whore’s Glory: The Many Sides of Prostitution

By Christine Phang Michael Glawogger’s Whore’s Glory (2011) is a raw and disturbing film as it shows the audience the world of prostitution in its crude reality. Documenting sex workers and their methods of business in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico, Glawogger explores the differences in poverty and demographics between each country. The aim is not  more »

Micro Film Review: Whores’ Glory

By William Stafford-Coyte Whores’ Glory is a 2011 documentary film written and directed by Michael Glawogger. Whores’ Glory is a compelling documentary, but Glawogger does not examine fully the problems of global prostitution because his film is anthropological in nature. The film shows a slice of life and allows the audiences to draw their own  more »

“Señorita Extraviada”: a Micro film review

By David A. Lepage Señorita Extraviada (Missing Young Women) (2001) is a documentary directed by Lourdes Portillo that brings to light the hazards women face when finding work in the maquiladoras of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Since the North American free trade agreement, hundreds of multinational corporations have set up shop along the border in  more »

Join the Conversation: Animals Use in Science needs Further Investigation

By Leah Moniz Animal rights have been hugely debated for decades, but very little is ever exposed to the general public about lab animals. We might understand that rescuing an animal from the Humane Society is better than buying one from a breeder, or that buying cosmetics which have not been tested on animals makes  more »

“For the subjects, documentaries don’t end with the credits: Indonesia, Anwar Congo and The Act of Killing”

By Kristi Kouchakji A lot has been said about whether Anwar Congo’s seemingly remorseful physical reaction at the end of The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer, 2013) is genuine, or staged for the camera. Miia Piironen has, on this very blog, gone so far as to claim that not only is Anwar not remorseful in  more »

This Is Not a Film: A Non-Film Review

By Eva Lajoie Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi gives viewers a look at a day in his personal life under house arrest in his new demonstration; This Is Not A Film (2011). Communicative of his experience with isolation and political repression, Panahi tries to maintain his creativity and self-expression while facing a prison sentence of six-years  more »

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