digital divide
Digital Inequality: The New “Digital Divide”

  With ICTs (information and communication technologies), such as the Internet, becoming more prevalent and necessary in our world today, the consequence is inevitably a gap between what scholars have called  “havs” and the “havnots”. In the chapter The Digital Reproduction of Inequality, from the book “Social Stratification”, the author Eszter Hargittai argues that this  more »

Collaboration or Control? Unified Alternative Media for a Cause

  One of the most essential facets of producing alternative media is to engage in a collaborative process. Additionally, one of the foremost defining criteria to be deemed “alternative” includes a democratic route of production and consumption, engaging various cultures, demographics, stories and viewpoints. The Association of Alternative newsmedia, which can be viewed at,  more »

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Big Life Looking at the Big Picture

   “At the current rate, there will be no elephants or lions left in the African wilds within 15 years”   In the middle of 2010, Nick Brandt began the foundation Big Life.  Big Life is a social movement seeking to preserve wildlife, and end serious crimes against wildlife across East Africa – with hopes  more »

Homeland and Anti-Arabism – What land is being depicted?

The TV series, Homeland, has raised many questions recently throughout societies, but mainly in the Arab nation. Homeland is a new American television series that is about a Marine Sergeant that returns back to the States after going missing in Iraq for eight years. A CIA officer believes that the Sergeant is plotting an attack  more »

#OWS uses #Resource Mobilization

Every social movement needs support in order for it to sustain itself. Often, that support comes in the form of resources. As Eltantawy and Wiest (2011) suggest, resource mobilization and a movement’s ability to use them is essential for the success of a movement. Examples of resources include money, time, organizational skills, and opportunities. The  more »

Montreal student strike
Why the Montreal Student Strike Needs CBC

When protesters of a social movement take to the streets they must be wary of how mainstream media will cover their story. In their article Movements and Media as Interacting Systems, William Gamson and Gadi Wolfsfeld discuss the outcome of social movements and mainstream media outlets in response to how the two interact with one  more »

Rainforest Alliance Certified
Rainforest Alliance: Sustainability within the Status Quo

Slowly, people are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprints. We are taking small steps in the right direction in order to live more sustainably. However, for many large corporations, environmental conservation isn’t on the top of their to-do list. The Rainforest Alliance (RA) has taken note of this, and is striving to turn awareness  more »

The Occupy Movement & Social Media

This isn’t the best-written little article at Participedia, but it does explore some basics of using social media as an organizing tool, specifically within the Occupy Movement. Further, below the short article are many great resource links. Check it out here.

Remaking the Commons

The new special issue of Reviews in Cultural Theory has an article entitled The Common in the Crowd (by Cayley Sorochan) that looks at “vote mobs” from the 2012 federal election in Canada. The piece is short and provides some points that are of interest to work on social movements and media. You can check  more »

Possible Alternative Media Sources

Although I don’t know the legitimacy of this website (, it lists a bunch of independent media outlets for people looking to see past the mainstream. For people like me who don’t know where to find alternative media this might help!  

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