Climate Change and its success in the mainstream

Alternative Media has served as a platform for change for many social movements across the globe. Recently we have seen the ‘Idle No More’ movement depicted throughout numerous alternative media outlets as well as mainstream media. The continuation of the movement can be attributed largely in part to alternative media and its ability to mobilize  more »

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The Leveller: Mobilizing Social Movements Through Alt Media

Highlighting Social Movements in Alt. Media Sources: In order to advance the ideas presented by a particular social movement, the respective organizers must develop a strong dependency on media sources to disseminate their platform to the public. This relationship between social movements and the media can best be described as a “competitive symbiosis”1, where social  more »

Care2 Carve Out A Space For Action: A Main Stream for Alternative Media

So you want to get involved? Knowing where to start is the first step towards taking action making a difference inside and out of your community. Now where is the best starting point? Well, Care2 is the perfect place to start for internet-savvy individuals with a need for philanthropic action.  Care2 is a mainstream website which represents  more »

Anonymous: Alternative or Anarchist?

January 3rd, 2013, online hacktivist giant, Anonymous, hatched Operation USA wherein they hacked into US Federal Reserve documentation and left 4,000 bank officials reeling after items of their personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses, as well as private login information were set free into cyber space (Stone, 2013). Is this an act that  more »

“If You Can Play, You Can Play”

LGBT athletes often face much greater hurdles in the world of sports in comparison to straight athletes. If one was to look at the major professional leagues around the world they will see that there are little to no openly gay athletes competing in any of these high level leagues. Even in junior or developmental  more »

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“No One is Illegal?” Pro-immigration organization creates awkward tension on Byline

“I’m white, you’re black. Should you and I go back to wherever our homeland is and just leave this place to the Native population?” - comment made by newscaster Brian Lilley of Byline No One is Illegal is a Toronto-based campaign that branches out from the human rights and anti-racism movements- the campaign believes that immigration  more »

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Big Life Looking at the Big Picture

   “At the current rate, there will be no elephants or lions left in the African wilds within 15 years”   In the middle of 2010, Nick Brandt began the foundation Big Life.  Big Life is a social movement seeking to preserve wildlife, and end serious crimes against wildlife across East Africa – with hopes  more »

“Where childhood thrives, war does not.”

War Child was founded in North America in 1999 by two young doctors named  Samantha Nutt and Eric Hoskins. It is an international organization that works with the children affected by the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. War Child works to protect the children living in the world’s dangerous war zones  more »

#OWS uses #Resource Mobilization

Every social movement needs support in order for it to sustain itself. Often, that support comes in the form of resources. As Eltantawy and Wiest (2011) suggest, resource mobilization and a movement’s ability to use them is essential for the success of a movement. Examples of resources include money, time, organizational skills, and opportunities. The  more »

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Save the Polar Bears!

Wildlife and the environment today are both constantly depicted as subjects that are in need of much attention. Many different non-governmental organizations and SMOs have emerged in order to help recognize these issues, one example being PETA and making a stance against animal rights. One SMO that helps with the awareness of such issues is  more »

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