Justice for all….minus Aboriginals.

Social relations occupy our entire world and social divisions play a strong role in how we make sense of ourselves and of others around us. Despite any organization being deemed “alternative”, it is difficult, if not impossible, to truly challenge the power relations that constitute the “social” as we know it.   In Alternative Media  more »

APTN: Alternative Media or Corporate Subsidiary in Disguise?

Aboriginal people, among other ethnic minorities, struggle to be accurately represented in mainstream media. Avison and Meadows (2000) stated that Aboriginal people have continued to seek access to media created for and directed to them for political, educational and cultural reasons. Many times Aboriginal communities are eager to incorporate ethnic media due, as they can  more »

IDLE NO MORE: An Alternative Movement in the Mainstream

What began as a way of voicing a growing displeasure over actions of the Canadian government, Idle No More has grown into a nationwide political movement that shows little sign of slowing down. Idle No More gained steam at the beginning of December, 2012 when four Canadian women took to social media sites Facebook and  more »

Walking, Walking, Walking… But Why Isn’t Anyone Watching?

There are branches of social movements that receive less attention than others due to multiple factors within the media. The movements of feminism and Indigenous women’s rights are often muffled. These encompass core issues regarding the chilling accounts of Robert Pickton’s murders and are the leading values behind an organization entitled Walk4Justice based out of  more »

Aboriginal women are missing, who cares?

“In the past three decades, 520 known cases of missing or murdered Indigenous women have been recognized based on a report issued by Amnesty International Canada”( However, the actual number could be much higher than that (, “the horrific violence these women suffer is rooted in racism, class oppression and sexism, and the majority of  more »

Arctic Winter Games…

The photo at the right (after the jump) is of a man performing a ‘one hand reach’, which is a sport at the Arctic Winter Games. From the AWG site: The One-Hand Reach is probably the closest sport to a mind game and requires a tremendous amount of mental focus and preparation. Even the slightest  more »

So many Stereotypes….So Little Time!

As we move away from the topic of “Carving Out a Space” and it’s three distinctive sub sections; Race, Ethnicity and Alternative Media, Queer Alt Media and Aboriginal Media Art- I want to touch on a few key examples that have stood out to me, within this class as well as within other communications classes  more »