Alternative vs. Mainstream production: AIDS video movement

Activists rely on alternative media forms because they allow their producers to freely document social issues independently with whatever medium they choose without the restraints mainstream media institutions put upon them in order for their content to be aired or published. Although this arrangement sounds ideal for independent producers, their desire to reach a mass  more »


Shameless is a Canadian magazine targeted towards girls and trans youth. Created in 2004, it is an independent grassroots magazine run by a volunteer staff and filled with content guided by a teen advisory board, including articles on politics, health and sexuality, DIY projects, current social and oppressive issues, and profiles the stories of inspiring  more »

“It’s Time”

This post relates back to Week 8, when we discussed Queer Alt Media, however after recently watching this video, I thought I should share it. The video is part of an awareness campaign to end marriage discrimination in Australia, where same-sex marriage is not permitted.  The video was created by an Australian independent grassroots advocacy organization called GetUp!, who is focused on giving Australians  more »

Zero Patience – A Queer Canadian Musical about AIDS; Alternative, Much?

The queer Canadian musical Zero Patience (1993) directed by John Greyson is a great example of Canadian alternative media and Canadian alternative cinema. The film features musical numbers such as “Pop a Boner” and a unique perspective on the AIDS epidemic in Canada which challenged the mainstream and dominant discourse of the time. The film deconstructs and  more »

XY and Everything In Between

XY Online is a website targeted towards the Queer community, mostly men but their content is also inclusive of females as well. The website consists of articles and blog posts and in their “About Us” section XY is described as: • A forum for debate and discussion, including commentary on contemporary and emerging issues in  more »

Queering Mainstream Media

Ezra’s post last week of a rundown of different queer alternative (and not so alternative) media outlets immediately made me think of, a lesbian lifestyle website. AfterEllen was started in 2002 as a community for lesbian women to gather to read about the queerer side of pop culture, stories that often either don’t show  more »

Mapping Memories

[ width="590" height="350"] Mapping Memories is a great alternative media discussed in class as part of the queer alternative media week. Mapping Memories is a collaborative media project which uses personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in  more »

Queer alt media online – some cool sites

As promised, here are the queer alternative media examples discussed last class (and a couple new ones for good measure): No More Potlucks – This is an incredibly smart and rich site full of commentary on art, culture and politics. While not all of its content focuses on queer issues and voices, a nice big  more »

R.E.M. Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement from Michael Stipe, the lead singer of the band R.E.M. As the only gay member of the band, he decided he was going to issue this announcement as a testament to what gay celebrities must endure before publicly announcing their sexuality. In this case, however, he is turning the  more »

Stephen Fry: HIV and Me

This is the trailer to Stephen Fry’s documentary titled ‘HIV and Me’, which was filmed in 2007. Not only does the documentary detail HIV and AIDS in 21st Century Britain, it also goes into detail regarding the AIDS epidemic in Africa, amongst both the gay and straight communities. It may not seem like people are  more »

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