March for Life in Ottawa, May 10, 2012
Revisiting the Abortion Debate: A Glimpse into the Recent Pro-Life Movement in Canada

On May 10, 2012 a Pro-Life March descended from Parliament Hill onto Ottawa’s downtown streets, united against abortion. While the numbers are difficult to quantify, according to the Campaign Life Coalition’s website, nearly 20,000 participants gathered to support the Pro Life agenda and subsequently altering abortion rights in Canada. Similar protests have taken place in  more »

Mother Jones on the Tea Party: Check your history

A Mother Jones Magazine article from 2010 argues that the Tea Party social movement is another reactionary group organized in response to a democrat taking the president’s office in the US. The article looks back over history at other similar right-wing groups and shows that the Tea Party is not a new phenomenon, but really  more »

The Tea Party in Four Minutes

Slate magazine’s nifty four-minute history of the Tea Party, circa 2010, packs a punch (after the jump).

The Tea Party Movie

Yes they have their own documentary too! Since we’ll be discussing the Tea Party this week in class, I thought I’d share the trailer (after the jump) with you for this 2010 doc on the US social movement that has turned out to be driving the biggest political upset in decades. More about the film  more »

Pro-Ana: Anti-Democracy?

So, when we were in class on Tuesday, I brought up the idea of pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia sites as examples of repressive media, because they encourage self-harm against young women and girls. These sites do this by posting photos of thin celebrities and models (known as “thinspiration”), swapping diet tips, cataloging all food (or lack  more »