The Internet and User-Generated Content: The Future of News Media?

Saying that the internet has revolutionized the ways in which information is produced, shared and consumed is an understatement. The internet is argued by many scholars and academics (Kenix, 2011; Atton & Hamilton, 2008; Burke, 2006), as one of the key factors in the shift in the media organizations. In their book Alternative Journalism, Atton  more »

A cartoon logo for The Leveller
The Leveller: Mobilizing Social Movements Through Alt Media

Highlighting Social Movements in Alt. Media Sources: In order to advance the ideas presented by a particular social movement, the respective organizers must develop a strong dependency on media sources to disseminate their platform to the public. This relationship between social movements and the media can best be described as a “competitive symbiosis”1, where social  more »

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Village Voice: Proof of Alternative Journalism Success

Village Voice, one of the most respected and well known alternative news outlets, has maintained a significant presence in the US online news industry as an alternative to the mainstream since the mid-1950s. Michael Albert discusses that an truly alternative organization must hold “a coherent set of goals and evaluative norms—not so restrictive as to  more »

Care2 Carve Out A Space For Action: A Main Stream for Alternative Media

So you want to get involved? Knowing where to start is the first step towards taking action making a difference inside and out of your community. Now where is the best starting point? Well, Care2 is the perfect place to start for internet-savvy individuals with a need for philanthropic action.  Care2 is a mainstream website which represents  more »

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Good News Network : “News To Enthuse”

The issue of violence in media has been a hot topic among scholars, academics, politicians and policy makers for quite a while. Many of which focus on the potential effects such representations may have on both individuals and society has a whole. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Violence in media has its roots  more »

rabble-ca “News for the rest of us” is a Canadian online alternative news source that displays the work of progressive writers, journalists, and activists on a number of issues and topics in Canada and the World. According to the about page of the website their mission is to “draw on the real energy and power of the Internet – passionate, engaged human beings.  more »

Anonymous: Alternative or Anarchist?

January 3rd, 2013, online hacktivist giant, Anonymous, hatched Operation USA wherein they hacked into US Federal Reserve documentation and left 4,000 bank officials reeling after items of their personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses, as well as private login information were set free into cyber space (Stone, 2013). Is this an act that  more »

Alternative / Independent Media: The answer to democratic decay or just some more voices in the crowd?

In a world filled with media alternatives the choice of alternative / independent media (AIM) is so wide-ranging as to be overwhelming.  From magazines to newsletters to websites to TV and radio, one could spend weeks glued to a computer screen reading, watching and listening to all the alternative voices speaking about all the issues  more »

Alternative media: creating alternative public spheres or just filling the digital space?

Alternative Media (AM) with the advent of new technologies is far easier to both produce and access. It sets out with the purpose of not only opposing the mainstream media but also creating alternative platforms for individuals to discuss their beliefs and views on a topic. Even though AM does not necessarily intersect daily with the  more »

Walking, Walking, Walking… But Why Isn’t Anyone Watching?

There are branches of social movements that receive less attention than others due to multiple factors within the media. The movements of feminism and Indigenous women’s rights are often muffled. These encompass core issues regarding the chilling accounts of Robert Pickton’s murders and are the leading values behind an organization entitled Walk4Justice based out of  more »

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