Care2 Carve Out A Space For Action: A Main Stream for Alternative Media

So you want to get involved? Knowing where to start is the first step towards taking action making a difference inside and out of your community. Now where is the best starting point? Well, Care2 is the perfect place to start for internet-savvy individuals with a need for philanthropic action.  Care2 is a mainstream website which represents  more »

Collaboration or Control? Unified Alternative Media for a Cause

  One of the most essential facets of producing alternative media is to engage in a collaborative process. Additionally, one of the foremost defining criteria to be deemed “alternative” includes a democratic route of production and consumption, engaging various cultures, demographics, stories and viewpoints. The Association of Alternative newsmedia, which can be viewed at,  more »

#OWS uses #Resource Mobilization

Every social movement needs support in order for it to sustain itself. Often, that support comes in the form of resources. As Eltantawy and Wiest (2011) suggest, resource mobilization and a movement’s ability to use them is essential for the success of a movement. Examples of resources include money, time, organizational skills, and opportunities. The  more »

Pussy Riot 1
Punk Prayer: Pussy Riot takes on the Powers of Russia

The girls of Pussy Riot have been fighting against the Russian government as a member of the punks sub-culture for only a short time (having founded in 2011) but due to a video and some direct action on their part they have become an internationally known group. The group have roots in feminist action as  more »

Planet Friendy: A Guide to Alternative Media

While I was on the internet looking through Alternative media sources while writing my paper, I came across this website called “Planet Friendly” and thought it was pretty neat. Basically it promotes awareness to issues such as conserving our environment, “green building”, peace and sustainability, peace and energy, environmental jobs, etc.. The site in itself  more »

It is time to let the truth out

The website is a non profit organization that sets out to present the news in a truth way to reveal injustices that are overlooked by mainstream media outlets. They also set out to offer ideas to make democratic changes in our societies systems, journalism included. They rely solely on donations, and include no advertisements  more »

Alternative Archive: Canadian alternative media archive

The cool thing about alternative media is that the majority of it is open for the public to contribute, help, and be aware of what is going on. I just came across the Canadian Alternative Media Archive, a project in progress. The creators of the project are none other than Dr. Kirsten Kozolanka and Michael  more »

Project Censored: Educating students about Alternative Media

How does one learn about alternative media? Alternative media will not be able to provide a proper alternative to MCM if the public is not properly educated on what it is, why it is needed, and how it functions. A good place to start educating about alternative media is in the classroom. I have made  more »

Alternative media making

This post is regarding the video activist group Undercurrents. According to their website: Undercurrents is an award winning video production company producing environmental and social justice videos. We are a charity working with communities who have been marginalized or ignored by mainstream broadcasters. They produce alternative news videos and documentaries on social justice. Supported by  more »

Help-Portrait and Alternative Art

Help Portrait is a photography movement with the goal of getting any and every sort of photographer involved in capturing pictures of average people, neighbours,  and the less fortunate. The idea is generally to get average people to help and give back to other average people by taking their portrait. The professional photography industry is using their  more »

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