APTN: Alternative Media or Corporate Subsidiary in Disguise?

Aboriginal people, among other ethnic minorities, struggle to be accurately represented in mainstream media. Avison and Meadows (2000) stated that Aboriginal people have continued to seek access to media created for and directed to them for political, educational and cultural reasons. Many times Aboriginal communities are eager to incorporate ethnic media due, as they can  more »

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Good News Network : “News To Enthuse”

The issue of violence in media has been a hot topic among scholars, academics, politicians and policy makers for quite a while. Many of which focus on the potential effects such representations may have on both individuals and society has a whole. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Violence in media has its roots  more »

Do Alternative Media have to be Small?

Alternative media runs on an entirely different economic framework than mass media. The goal of mass media is to turn the biggest profit possible. Thus, larger audiences are quite often the goal, as larger audiences mean greater subscription rates and/or larger advertising revenues.  Alternative media are largely not concerned about profit, as long as the revenue  more »

Rabble.ca “News for the rest of us”

Rabble.ca is a Canadian online alternative news source that displays the work of progressive writers, journalists, and activists on a number of issues and topics in Canada and the World. According to the about page of the website their mission is to “draw on the real energy and power of the Internet – passionate, engaged human beings.  more »

Alternative / Independent Media: The answer to democratic decay or just some more voices in the crowd?

In a world filled with media alternatives the choice of alternative / independent media (AIM) is so wide-ranging as to be overwhelming.  From magazines to newsletters to websites to TV and radio, one could spend weeks glued to a computer screen reading, watching and listening to all the alternative voices speaking about all the issues  more »

Alternative media: creating alternative public spheres or just filling the digital space?

Alternative Media (AM) with the advent of new technologies is far easier to both produce and access. It sets out with the purpose of not only opposing the mainstream media but also creating alternative platforms for individuals to discuss their beliefs and views on a topic. Even though AM does not necessarily intersect daily with the  more »

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‘Stimulate, Inform, and Instigate’ – AlterNet Takes the Cake

               When it comes to popular alternative media sources, it can be common place for a degree of vagueness and obscurity to overwhelm content in an attempt to adhere to its non commercialized structure. Sources such as The Onion and The Walrus, use tactics such as satire and conglomeration  more »

Counter-Productive Media?

In looking at some of the activity on online blogs and social media websites, one cannot help but wonder if all of the content which makes an effort to challenge dominant social hierarchies is worthwhile and should be labelled as alternative. Certainly, there is a wealth of content which discredits social media simply by being  more »

Slam Poetry in Ottawa!!

This is something for all you “scene-sters”: For this week’s post I decided to focus on an Alternative Art form called Slam Poetry. The Mercury Lounge in Ottawa hosts Slam poets who come from all over the city to compete the first Saturday of every month.  Slam poetry is a competition between individuals who recite  more »

Vimeo: Alternative Video Community

Vimeo is a lesser known video hosting website in comparison to YouTube but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for with quality. The website was launched in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein. The duo introduced full 1280×720 High Definition 720p playback in 2007 making it the first video sharing website  more »

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