Justice for all….minus Aboriginals.

Social relations occupy our entire world and social divisions play a strong role in how we make sense of ourselves and of others around us. Despite any organization being deemed “alternative”, it is difficult, if not impossible, to truly challenge the power relations that constitute the “social” as we know it.   In Alternative Media  more »

The premier issue of Desi Life, owned by Torstar Corporation. Desi Life ceased publishing in 2009.
Categorizing Ethnic Media: “Are Ethnic Media Alternative?”

By using familiar language, cultural cues, and covering news relevant to the homeland that would otherwise not be discussed in the mainstream media, ethnic media exist to fulfil the niche market of diasporic and migrant groups (Karim, 2012, p. 165). If ethnic media coverage portrays an alternate view of the news with a scope that  more »

Silencing Alternative Voices

Under the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, Britain, among other nations, must adhere to several policy measures which are implemented to ensure pluralism and diversity in cultural expression. Yet, there remains to be a lack of enforcement of much of these policies, as broadcasters in the UK  more »

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‘Stimulate, Inform, and Instigate’ – AlterNet Takes the Cake

               When it comes to popular alternative media sources, it can be common place for a degree of vagueness and obscurity to overwhelm content in an attempt to adhere to its non commercialized structure. Sources such as The Onion and The Walrus, use tactics such as satire and conglomeration  more »

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“No One is Illegal?” Pro-immigration organization creates awkward tension on Byline

“I’m white, you’re black. Should you and I go back to wherever our homeland is and just leave this place to the Native population?” - comment made by newscaster Brian Lilley of Byline No One is Illegal is a Toronto-based campaign that branches out from the human rights and anti-racism movements- the campaign believes that immigration  more »

Walking, Walking, Walking… But Why Isn’t Anyone Watching?

There are branches of social movements that receive less attention than others due to multiple factors within the media. The movements of feminism and Indigenous women’s rights are often muffled. These encompass core issues regarding the chilling accounts of Robert Pickton’s murders and are the leading values behind an organization entitled Walk4Justice based out of  more »

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Anti-Islamic Ad Sparks Controversy

Recently, a decision has been made in the United States to approve controversial advertisements which many believe to be inherently hateful and discriminatory. They have been plastered across subway stations and public transport buses throughout New York City. These ads were initially rejected by transport authority, however they were later approved under the guise of expression of free  more »

StormFront – White Pride Forum

StormFront describes themselves as a ”community of White Nationalists” who promote their own interests, values and heritages as White people. While I do not agree with the promotion of any single race as better or supreme to any other, the forum falls under the criteria and definition of Alternative media. The forum acts as a two  more »

A New Way to Exclude Minorities

Home and garden/home living magazines never reflect the diversity of the American public and as a result, don’t cover issues plaguing the majority of the population. Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) is one of those magazines that attempts to reach a huge population of American women 18 and over. The interactive component of the magazine,  more »

So many Stereotypes….So Little Time!

As we move away from the topic of “Carving Out a Space” and it’s three distinctive sub sections; Race, Ethnicity and Alternative Media, Queer Alt Media and Aboriginal Media Art- I want to touch on a few key examples that have stood out to me, within this class as well as within other communications classes  more »

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