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Parada (2011): A Film Review

By Felicia Fiorino Created by Srdjan Dragojevic and released in 2011, Parada is a Serbian film also known as The Parade, a comedic drama about two homosexual men, Radmilo and his boyfriend Mirko and a straight couple, Limun and his fiancée Biserka. The two couples meet each other by coincidence and later come together in  more »

XXYBlog Post
XXY: Challenging Social Conformity

By Krysten Novinger In Lucia Puenzo’s directorial debut, XXY challenges the social and emotional impact of what it means to be intersexual. XXY, the title itself can indicate both genders, is the story of a young teenager in the throws of puberty and how he/she deals with the struggle of normalcy and social conformity. The film  more »

Parada (The Parade)

By Rose Carpentier-Wheeler Parada is a Serbian comedic drama centred on the themes of understanding, relationships, and personal growth. Limun is a middle-aged ex-criminal and war veteran who wants to get married to the love of his life, Biserka. Meanwhile, Radmilo and Mirko are a gay couple trying to live their daily life of being  more »

Srdjan Dragojevic’s Parada

By Navin Ahluwalia Parada (2011) also known as The Parade is a Serbian comedy/drama film directed by Srđan Dragojević. The film goes into depth and examination of gay right issues present within contemporary Serbia. The film draws focus on a coalition between ex-militant/gangster Limun (Nikola Kojo) and gay activist Radmillo (Miloš Samolov). The purpose of the offbeat  more »

XXY : Une complexité naturelle

By Mariane Laporte XXY a représenté l’Argentine aux Oscars en 2007. Réalisé par Lucía Puenzo et inspiré de la nouvelle Cinismo de Sergio Bizzio, le film a comme protagoniste Alex, une adolescente de quinze ans à la fois fragile et sauvage. Sa condition physique, en marge de la normalité, trouble ses parents qui souhaitent la  more »

Parada de Dragojevic, un film hollywoodien

By Thomas Sédillot Le film Parada (2011), du directeur Srdjan Dragojevic, est un film très divertissant aux allures d’Hollywood. Il est facile de dire que ce film à tout ce qu’il faut afin de devenir un grand succès américain. La comédie est au rendez-vous ainsi que l’action, les moments de romances et les moments forts en  more »

PARADA: A comedy demanding CHANGE

By David Mugglebee Parada, or The Parade (2011) directed by Srdjan Dragojevic tells the story of the unlikely alliance between Lemon (Nikola Kojo) and Radmilo (Milos Samolo). Along the way, their mission is the same: insuring the safety of all men and women unifying to parade for gay rights and equality in the dangerous streets  more »

Dragojevic’s Parada

By Emanuelle Ranger Lemire For a film dealing with such a difficult subject as homophobia in a highly conservative Serbia, Srdjan Dragojevic’s Parada / The Parade (2011) succeeds in giving us the best of both worlds: An entertaining comedy as well as a film depicting a struggle regarding human rights. Although this film portrays both homosexuals and heterosexuals in  more »

The Parade: A surprise Serbian hit

By Faris Musallam The 2011 Serbian film The Parade was a surprise box hit office given the region’s history of violence and aggression towards LGBTQ persons. Who would have thought that an off-color buddy comedy about a Yugoslav war veteran and a camp veterinarian recruiting mercenaries to protect a pride parade would be such a success in  more »