APTN: Alternative Media or Corporate Subsidiary in Disguise?

Aboriginal people, among other ethnic minorities, struggle to be accurately represented in mainstream media. Avison and Meadows (2000) stated that Aboriginal people have continued to seek access to media created for and directed to them for political, educational and cultural reasons. Many times Aboriginal communities are eager to incorporate ethnic media due, as they can  more »

Alternative vs. Mainstream production: AIDS video movement

Activists rely on alternative media forms because they allow their producers to freely document social issues independently with whatever medium they choose without the restraints mainstream media institutions put upon them in order for their content to be aired or published. Although this arrangement sounds ideal for independent producers, their desire to reach a mass  more »

Rabble.ca “News for the rest of us”

Rabble.ca is a Canadian online alternative news source that displays the work of progressive writers, journalists, and activists on a number of issues and topics in Canada and the World. According to the about page of the website their mission is to “draw on the real energy and power of the Internet – passionate, engaged human beings.  more »

Homeland and Anti-Arabism – What land is being depicted?

The TV series, Homeland, has raised many questions recently throughout societies, but mainly in the Arab nation. Homeland is a new American television series that is about a Marine Sergeant that returns back to the States after going missing in Iraq for eight years. A CIA officer believes that the Sergeant is plotting an attack  more »

Diva TV
Diva TV: Fighting Mainstream Media

In the Late 1980s and early 1990s in response to the AIDS epidemic, a New York activist group emerged called ACT UP. The group was an AIDS coalition to unleash power and raise awareness about the government’s lack of treatment and funding for those who had AIDS. A major piece of social movement media that  more »

Glee TV

Alternative television programs do not seem easy to find on regular cable, especially for Canadian audiences. Other than Degrassi and Corner Gas I do not know of any Canadian television shows that have become even remotely successful. Corner Gas plays on a lot of Canadian stereotypes that in my opinion actually makes Canadian’s look worse,  more »

Mainstream Media Repelling Stereotypes? All American Muslim on TLC

As one of TLC’s newest shows, “All American Muslim” attempts to repel the stereotypes and misrepresentations towards Muslim groups living in America. The show follows five families including families made up of a cop, an expectant mother, a businessman, newlyweds, and a sports coach. The roles of these individuals helps to move away from the  more »

Reality TV – maybe a little alternative?

For the final paper, I examined reality TV and the ways in which it could be transformed to become alternative media. While I was listening to the other presentations and thinking about what to say about my project, I started to realise that reality TV, although it is obviously MCM, does actually fit in to  more »

Final Project Video

Hey guys! Here is the link to  my video that goes along with my presentation about reality TV. The video is meant to be an accurate representation of what reality TV should be and is excessively boring but totally real! If you do end up wasting a couple minutes of your day and watching it, keep  more »

An Odd Example of Alternative Media

For my last post on this particular blog, I feel as though it is fit to add an obscure, yet interesting example of media; an example which could be arguably viewed as alternative. The example comes from the country of Trinidad & Tobago, a country of which I am a citizen. The crime situation there  more »

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