The Night of Truth: Review

By Liubou Autushka In one of her interviews Fanta Régina Nacro says that making The Night of Truth she was concerned to address human atrocity, those horrible cruelties that happen all over the world at all times. Such generalization is really happening in The Night of Truth – at the beginning the film is perceived  more »

The Night of Truth by Fanta Regina Nacro: A Civil Struggle

By Maeva Elchibegian With her first full-length feature The Night of Truth [2004], Fanta Regina Nacro makes an impressive debut. The film takes place in an unnamed fictional West African country and deals with the struggles of reconciliation after the country’s suffered a brutal civil war. It focuses on a festive dinner between and organized by two opposite  more »

Yellow Fever and Identity

By Sarah Frankie Burge Yellow Fever is a film created by African director Ng’erido Mukii in 2012. Through memories and interviews, Mukii displays a powerful film that raises issues around the subject of experience and identity, particularly related to African women as well as those who are of African descent. Despite the film’s success within  more »

Interview with Fanta Régina Nacro

As promised, here is the video of the interview with Fanta Régina Nacro, director of La nuit de la vérité/The Night of Truth (2004) and interviewed by Tribeca Film Festival’s Peter Scarlet. Enjoy.