Is Independent Journalism Discrediting Alternative Media?

Rense.com is the self-proclaimed best alternative news source in the United States. I happened to stumble upon Rense.com through a list of various alternative new sources, the list identifying Rense as the favourite – I was intrigued. The site is owned and operated by Jeff Rense, an American conspiracy theorist who is not shy to  more »

Democracy Now – Alt news radio at its best

The above clip (after the jump) is the segment of news headlines from Democracy Now: The War and Peace Report’s January 4th, 2013. I’ve chosen this clip because it illustrates many of the qualities championed by alternative media (and alt journalism in particular) – with a focus on diversity, and levels of oppression and resistance.

Is it really “Ottawa’s Alternative Rock”?

Since being founded in 2005, the radio station Live 88.5FM has boasted being the station for alternative rock in Ottawa. Yes, their music is different than the pop and, as of late, rather dance/trance genres of music played on popular stations such as Hot 89.9FM or 105.3 KISS FM, is the station truly an alternative  more »

The Power of Alternative Media

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMAluhYl3bk] In one of the first weeks of class we watched a documentary about Radio Okapi; a radio station operating out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Part of our discussion was focused on the idea that it was an alternative form of media as it was considered to be independently operated, with its purpose  more »