Alternative vs. Mainstream production: AIDS video movement

Activists rely on alternative media forms because they allow their producers to freely document social issues independently with whatever medium they choose without the restraints mainstream media institutions put upon them in order for their content to be aired or published. Although this arrangement sounds ideal for independent producers, their desire to reach a mass  more »

Half the Sky: The Uses of Transmedia Storytelling in a Transnational Movement

A social movement organisation in which seeks to end the oppression of woman and girls across the world the Half the Sky Movement is a bold accomplishment in terms of what can be accomplished through the power of transmedia storytelling, a term which refers to stories that unfold across multiple media platforms, in order to  more »

Food Not Bombs: A Different Approach to Collective Action

Food Not Bombs is a movement that actively uses online resources to disseminate their message and produce social movement media.  The group can be described through three principles which include veganism, non-violence, and consensus decision-making.  The movement takes a variety of actions in supporting these principles, the main of which is serving vegetarian and vegan food to homeless  more »

Promoting Organ Donation: Utilizing Social Media & Celebrity to Create Awareness & Responsibility

The topic of organ donation has recently spread across Ontario and other parts of the world. It is a movement that is proving to have a wide audience, given that all of us are potential donors (and recipients). The Government of Ontario officially launched its Gift of 8 Movement in April of this year. According  more »

Kony 2012: The Framing Frenzy

On March 5th, 2012 an advocacy organization called Free the Children released a 30-minute video to YouTube entitled Kony 2012.  The video was made to inform viewers of Joseph Kony, the leader of an army rebel group who abducted children and made them soldiers of his army. In the video you saw children tortured and  more »

Join the Occupy Movement from your Couch!

I first discovered the live streaming of the Occupy movement late one night when I was iPhone-ing in bed. I decided to check out “Ad Busters” and became enthralled by the live coverage of the Occupy movement. I can’t recall where the protest I was watching was happening, but I appreciated the fact that I  more »

Social Networking as Alternative

While not being strictly alternative in terms of what they set out to accomplish, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networking sites are increasingly being used to disseminate news and information. These sites could be considered alternative in that they allow ‘ordinary’, ‘average’ citizens to bypass the gatekeepers of traditional, mainstream media and share their perspectives and the  more »

Vimeo: Alternative Video Community

Vimeo is a lesser known video hosting website in comparison to YouTube but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for with quality. The website was launched in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein. The duo introduced full 1280×720 High Definition 720p playback in 2007 making it the first video sharing website  more »